Reddit Redesign
Re-Thinking the front page of the Internet, marked with the slogan „front page of the internet“ is known everywhere. People like Obama use the platform to replay to users from all around the world. Gaining access to those interesting Q&As is hard for someone with no introduction, because you would have to work yourself through many layers of content to find what you been looking for. Thats why we choose to redesign reddit for our application design project in the 3th semester, to make it easy for everyone finding those interesting posts.

“A new design could gain more users but at the same time scare of regular users.”

Reddit lives by the activity of millions of users. These users build a strong community which is used to the reddit as it looks and works . A new design could gain more users but at the same time deter regular users. This gave us the appeal to redesign this website.
Reddits landing page after the redesign
User Research
We interviewed/observed several users for this project. With the gained insights we created Personas and User Stories and applied a Kano Analysis to redefine primary, secondary and tertiary functions of reddit. (We also created a subreddit called r/Reddit_Redesign to ask more redditors for their opinion and experiences but unfortunately no one did give a damn.)
Content first
As soon as you break it down you'll recognize: Reddit is all about the content. Structuring the single post - the heart of the page, was the first step. Based on our observations we hide certain functions and created a more understandable hierarchy.

Improved hierarchies and structures then applied to the bigger context (navigation bar, side menus, etc.) created a clearer appearance. Due to the big extent of reddits information architecture we were only able to attack a few of its parts.
Margins based on the Material Design grid
Design Systems
Concerning design language we decided to dive into Google's Material Design in order to get a better undertanding for comprehensive design systems which meant not to download UI-Kits from the web but instead to look what it's really made of. We think that you first need to understand the existing in order to change or build something new.
The new favourite Subreddits are now editable via drag 'n' drop inside the navigation bar in order to create a more dynamic usage of them. User want to switch fast between Subreddits. Submitting content did not used to be intuitive and user friendly. We changed that by giving this process more importance, being the first thing the user sees.

Florian Deitermann
Simon Lutter
lectured by Juergen Graef


Application Design
3rd Semester Winter 2016/17
HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend